Frequently Asked Questions...
When should I call a professional?
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Whenever a danger to human life or your property exists, do not take matters into your own hands!
We are experts at handling difficult tree removals, while protecting our crew, your family or business, and your property.
Especially in situations where power lines are close by, DO NOT take the chance that you could be injured or injure someone else.

Residential & Commercial Tree Service
Serving Central New Hampshire

Available Year-Round!
What to look for when hiring a tree service professional?
Consider years of experience & what that experience entails. Liability Insurance is a necessity.  
Do you have insurance? 
We are a fully insured tree service company, and will gladly provide you with a copy of our insurance certificate upon request.

What is the normal time frame between the free estmiate and completion?
Depending on our workload, we are typically able to get started within a 2-week time frame. Completion of the job varies on the work to be performed, but we're able to give you a fairly accurate time-frame for completion at the time we present our estimate.

Affordability concerns... 
Homeowners should check with the company issuing their homeowner's insurance, as often this insurance can help pay for removal of a potentially dangerous tree. However, we pride ourselves in being an affordable solution for homeowners and businesses on a limited budget. Don't take our word for it, either. Get an estimate from us and feel free to compare with other tree services. 

Do you work year-round? 
Yes! Working in the winter actually has many advantages! During winter when the ground is frozen, less damage is done to your property due to equipment movement or dropping trees. Since trees don't have leaves in winter, spotting dangerous utility wires is easier.  Also, the trees don't catch the wind, making our job safer.

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